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5 Reasons why's "Thong Lor" is the best residential area in Bangkok

5 Reasons why’s “Thong Lor” is the best residential area in Bangkok

When people hear Bangkok’s Thonglor area, they will think about party, rooftop bar or chillout club at Friday night and Saturday night. But actually, Thonglor is not only nightlife areas in Bangkok, but it’s also a charming residential area with a lot of restaurants, supermarket shopping malls and luxury condominiums to support your various lifestyles.

 24 Enchanting Hours in the area that never sleeps

In term of “the area that never sleeps” definition, is not only bars or nightclubs in Thonglor area, but also definition to a holistic lifestyle in this area, such as supermarket, community mall, shopping center and restaurants. Most of them are open until midnight or open 24-hours. So that why we say Thong Lor is “24 Enchanting Hours in the area that never sleeps”.

International Restaurants

Thonglor is one of the most popular area for foreigners to settle in Bangkok. It’s also an absolute food lover’s paradise, especially international cuisines, such as Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food, Vietnam food, Italian food, etc.

The best Bangkok bars

Thonglor has long been recognized as Bangkok’s coolest neighborhood, it has a lot of bars, nightclub and restaurants. You will fall in love every Friday & Saturday in Thonglor.

The Best Night Life in Bangkok

“Don Don Donki” is an offshoot of Japan’s popular Don Quixote discount store, located on Thong Lor soi 10. It is Bangkok’s newest mall brings something different to the city, here is open 24-hours, so it gives you no worries for the store being closed whenever you plan to go.

The Relaxing Zone

Although Thonglor is a bustling neighborhood of bars, restaurants and nightclub, but when you come back to condominium, it’s time to relax. In Park Origin Thong Lor, a luxury condominium designed under the concept of “A Perfect Living Platform”, which allows residents live in the midst of “Nature”, a large garden of over 2 rais with fully facilities for all residents such as home automation, auto parking, jogging track, sculpture pool, etc.

Park Origin Thong Lor is located at Thong Lor soi10, Bangkok. A luxury condominium with new design of “DUO SPACE” and high ceiling. Enjoy every moment in Park Origin Thonglor by all activities you can imagine plus a magnificent skyline city view of Bangkok. 

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