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Message from the Chairman​

This is partly due to Demand from outside the country which Has resulted in the continued growth of The thai real estate market. The business Situation has changed in accordance with The domestic and international economic Situations whether affecting demand Directly or indirectly. This also includes Consumer confidence.

Origin always takes into account the changes in the internal and external environment of the industry when making decisions by focusing on stable growth, and developing products and services based on the concept of EMPATHY – SMART PRODUCTS + EXCELLENT SERVICES. We develop our products and services with understanding, reaching all aspects of our customers’ needs. This causes the Company’s projects to be well-accepted and grow rapidly.

The Company also gives importance to business sustainability by expanding the business foundation to cover various types of real estate and all types of demand in the real estate market, whether it is products or services. This includes the expansion of high-end condominium projects under the Park Origin brand with the concept of “A Perfect Living Platform”, to create a lifestyle for modern urban living that will enable you to live life fully, and expand the housing business foundation which has been extremely well received as well as the real estate business expansion of the recurring income real estate businesses which will be able to operate more than 2,265 keys within the next 5 years. This will continue to be the foundation of the Company’s stability.

Even though the economic situation and the real estate business in 2019 continues to face many challenging factors which includes the sensitivity of economic situations which are affected by the Trade War and Brexit, as well as domestic factors that include new LTV measures, interest rate trends, agricultural crop price trends, exports, and the political situation after the election as well as other factors that affect purchasing power and consumer confidence.

I still believe that Origin’s guidelines that focus on product development and services by reaching customers’ needs, will continue to result in a well received Company. The laying of good foundation in personnel development and work systems so they are ready to handle any changes quickly and precisely. IT technology has been used to support the work in order to have the most efficient work. This also includes developing an organization with a vision which will result in the Company growing steadily. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved, whether it is the Board of Directors, executives, all employees, as well as partners and customers who continue to support the Company.