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Bearing Community: Potential Area of Bangkok EBD

Bearing Community: Potential Area of Bangkok EBD

Due to the high density of population in the area of Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD), leading the cost of living on the area has continued rapid growth which refers to consuming, transportation, utilities and residents. Therefore it causes to extend the new business area where able to serve commercial and business term through its potentiality

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The extended transport line “BTS Bearing Station”

On the other hand, the extended transport line “BTS Bearing Station” plays the huge role to spread the development into community area on the late Sukhumvit Road, Leading to emerges the New Extended Business District of Bangkok (EBD) in the area especially in Bearing community

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Bearing Community, the prime area of EBD

As mentioned above Bearing Community where covered both side of Soi Sukhumvit 107 is the one of the results from extended transport line. Since the new BTS Bearing Station has been launched, the community of Bearing has rapidly fulfilled by various scales of infrastructure which refer to both many types of residential building (e.g. house, apartment, condominium etc.) and the facilities (e.g. shopping mall, school, hospital etc.). Therefore, Bearing is the one of community areas where defined as the EBD of Bangkok. Also, it is the outstanding area where provides low cost of living among the prime area of EBD as well.

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B-LOFT SUKHUMVIT 107: The New Ready-to- move-in condominium near BTS – Bearing station. Living a comfortable life with only 59 units of Boutique style.

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