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Check-in at Samyan Community

SAMYAN ― The well-known community areas in Bangkok located on the intersection of Rama4 and Phaya Thai Road.

Samyan is the defining area of a part of the business core “The Bangkok’s CBD” where is on and around the high value of investment. As previously mentioned, it has served the emerging of mega business projects on and around this area

Samyan Mitrtown, the mega mixed use project

Photo: Samyan Mitrtown

Samyan Mitrtown is the latest mixed-use project. The place of urban life style where the group of new gen are gathered together, serving 24-hour of the full facilities not only the co-working space, but also the 24-hour restaurants, café, and services   

Photo: Samyan Mitrtown

Thai-Chinese Culture in Samyan Community

On the other hand, Samyan has been fulfilled by the rich of cultural diversity especially Chinese culture which influenced by the group of people who moved from Yaowarat area (Bangkok China Town). It has caused to serve “Samyan” become the one of Thai – Chinese communities that showing the Chinese customary through the way of people’s life e.g. the belief of people through the place of worship such as Caw Mae Thab Thim household (Hainanese household), Hualamphong Temple, etc. In term of eating, this area serves many famous Thai-Chinese restaurants such as Somboon Seafood – Thai-Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Tofu Je -Wan (Tofu dessert café)

Caw Mae Thab Thim household (Hainanese household)
Photo: นายวุ้นกะทิ
Hualamphong Temple
Photo: tourwatthai
Somboon Seafood (Sam Yan Branch since 1969)
Photo: tripadvisor
Tofu Je -Wan (Tofu dessert café)
Photo: bk-review
Tofu Je -Wan (Tofu dessert café)
Photo: FoodxWow

Samyan, the Center of well-being for life

In addition, Samyan is the community area where provides the place to serve wellness dimensions with the various outstanding hubs of education, health and life style. In term of education, it is on and around both the well-known school (e.g. Triam Udom School /Satit Pratumwan School /Sitit Chulalongkorn School) and university (Chulalongkorn University). Next in the medical term, it provides both private (e.g. The Bangkok Christian Hospital) and governmental hospital (e.g. King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital) that covered all medical specialists. Also, in the area, there are mixed use and community mall where serve all life styles e.g. Samyan Mitrtown, Chamchuri Square and I’m Park.  

Chulalongkorn University
King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
Photo: Theerapon Bunnak

Living in Samyan Community

The last and most important is about the term of living area, the place where will serve the quality of life because it is the place where we mostly start the day. As mentioned above, Samyan could be defined as the recommended living area. Moreover it provides many types of transport which able to link into other areas such as public bus, van, railway Hua Lamphong station and the MRT Samyan station.



“Park Origin Chula-Sam Yan”

The Highest Condominium with the best panorama view on the freehold land, you will fall in love with Bangkok … again

“Park Origin Chula-Sam Yan” – Near to CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY Close to Rama4 Road Easy access to 4 line Intercahnge station (MRT Blue Line-BTS Sukhumvit Line-MRT Orange Line-Airport Rail Link) “SKY LIVING” 4.25 M. ceiling height

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