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Chinese Temple Guide in Bangkok – Let’s Celebrate Year of the Rat!

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Chinese Temple Guide in Bangkok – Let’s Celebrate Year of the Rat!

After the new year celebration, the group of Buddhists especially Thai majority decides to go to the temple which aims to not only eliminate the bad luck but also to get the blessing and get a calm and better mind set for starting the new year.

In Buddhism, “the temple” is represented the place of worship to expel evil spirits and bad luck. Moreover, temple is categorized different types which bases on branches of Buddhism such as Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana.

On the other hand, “the Chinese zodiac” is the 12-year cycle of 12 signs which based the year of birth. Also, it plays the huge role on guide people the temple where they should go for each year. So today we would like to present you the recommended temple for 2020, Year of the Rat!!

Leng Noei Yi Temple (Mangkon Kamalawat Temple)          

Leng Noei Yi Temple’s Location (Bangkok)
Picture: travel.mthai

Leng Noei Yi Temple is one of the most famous Chinese Buddhist temple where located in Bangkok and Nonthaburi, Thailand. Also it has been popular for celebrating for various purpose such as for geting blessing and getting a calm and also for celebrating a year-round events e.g. Chinese New Year and the annual Chinese vegetarian festival.

Leng Noei Yi Temple’s Location (Bangkok)
Picture: bloggang
Leng Noei Yi Temple2’s Location (Nonthaburi)
Picture: keepandshare

Pho Ming Por Ueng Yi Temple (Bhoman Khunaram Temple)         

Picture: Somchit Thanatha

Pho Ming Por Ueng Yi Temple is the Chinese Buddhist temple where is the main Mahayana sect-based worship of Thailand. Moreover, this temple is the place that has stored the most complete form of Vajrayāna scriptures in the world

Kham Low Yi Temple (Dibaya Vari Vihara Temple)

Picture: Wat Dibaya Vari Vihara

Kham Low Yi Temple is the traditional Chinese Buddhist temple that established in Thonburi Period, 1776. Moreover, due to the Chinese Zodiac based, this temple is especially recommended for people who born in the year of Goat, Rooster, Snake, Dog and Dragon

San Chaopho Suea (San Chaopho Suea Phra Nakhon)

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San Chaopho Suea is the famous Chinese household located in Bangkok. Also, it is the important place where many Chinese Buddha statues are located including the Tiger God (Xuanwu), Guan Yu (God of Honesty), Caishen (God of Fortune), Sun Wukong (Magic Monkey) and Mazu (Goddess of the Sea). On the other hand, San Chaopho Suea is promoted as the one of “The 9 Temples” which is a tourist guide program, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)



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