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COVID-19 Screening Service & Self-Care Tips

Free COVID-19 Screening Service for the Group of High-Risk

Due to the emerging of rapidly grown number of 33 new local cases of Covid-19 infection, at present there are totally 147 confirmed cases according to Thai Public Health Ministry reported on March 16th

Therefore, they decide to provide free screening service as an additional health care for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to group of persons as follows,

  • Illness with symptoms such as fever (higher than 37.5 degrees), cough, and shortness of breath.
  • Person who returned from designated high-risk countries of COVID-19.
  • Person who has interacted with patient has COVID-19 or person who returned from designated high-risk countries.
  • Group of Doctors and Medical Staffs who has interacted with patient has COVID-19.

However, for people who are not mentioned in the above statement, the fee of screening for COVID-19 is still charged. And in Bangkok, there are 8 hospitals that provide this service.

8 Hospitals in Bangkok – Providing COVID-19 Screening Service

On the other hand, the main key to prevent and get rid of all types of disease’s carriers is about the way of healthy life-style behavior that we can start from ourselves. And today we would like to present you some examples of practical tips toward the way of healthy life-style behavior. So, let’s start!


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