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Feng Shui Tips for Bed’s positioning, Gets ready for Celebrating Chinese New Year 2021

The week before the public holiday of Chinese New Year, aka the Lunar New Year, we usually try to do all things done that’s like a refreshing and get ready for the new beginning. Especially, to be complete your housework that’s main one because in Chinese word of 扫年 (sǎo nián), the deep cleaning refers to sweeping away the old year and bring the new year in.

Additionally, bedroom is the place where we charge an energy, plus we’ve spent a third of our daily lives. As per Feng Shui principle, ways we decide to place the bed is important and plays the big role to serve the optimistic view for life and living as well. Therefore, we would like to present “Feng Shui Tips for bed’s positioning”, guidance for Good Sleep and Happiness.

Feng Shui Tips for Bed’s positioning

North (N): The direction of regaining composure and store consciousness to maintain life’s capacity


South (S): The direction of being successful in social life and empowering leadership in job field.


East (E): The direction of maintaining life to be full of thoughts and creativities.


West (W): The direction of encouraging the relationship especially for marriage and family.


In shorth, to sweep away all from the old year by optimistic energy will lead new beginning with happiness and emotional fulfillment. “Happy Chinese New Year”


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