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Living in Hidden Prime Ratchada – Ladprao

Living in Hidden Prime Ratchada – Ladprao

• Life is unpredictable especially ways of living in Bangkok

Life is unpredictable especially ways of living in Bangkok that we usually face with an unpredictable situation as well as several uncontrollable conditions. Therefore, electric public transport operated by MRT & BTS have been more popular than other operated types. With many reasons for instance reducing some limitation on our trip planning such as traffic congestion, stability of fare calculation, etc.

Due to urban chaos of Bangkok, different residential location is able to affect on life & living as well. The residence with good location will reduce to face with troubles or issues towards ways of well-being life. Meanwhile the number of densities for those prime locations have continued growth. 

However, it’s even harder to find but people still try to seek their best residence with prime location. Therefore, we would like to present you one of Bangkok’s hidden prime area where providing complete elements of well-being life & living.

Ratchada-Ladprao is found as the hidden gem of living location of Bangkok.

Ratchada-Ladprao is found as the hidden gem of living location of Bangkok. The area is served complete wellness dimensions, for instance transportations, entertainment, office hubs as well as center of food.

• Let’s start to know more about “Ratchada-Ladprao

First of all, let’s start to know about where is Ratchada-Ladprao, it is the community area where emerged by the intersection of 2 main well-known roads including Ratchada and Ladprao Road.

Then these 2 lines are the main accessibility of various Bangkok’s neighborhood as well, for instance Ratchada Road provides us access into Rama9 where interchanges routes through several expressways. And for Ladprao Road plays its role by facilitating to access into Northern part of Bangkok toward main route into Vibhavadi-Rangsit and Ramintra.

Moreover, on the area of Ratchada-Ladprao are consisted of many famous Bangkok landmarks as well as places where related to our ways of life and living towards hubs of accessibilities such as Shopping mall, fresh market, hubs of offices, healthcare service etc. (as data graphic below). Meanwhile it remains to mostly consist of residential area which serves the peaceful atmosphere toward being more comfortable for life and living.

Ratchada-Ladprao is located among 2 Bangkok’s CBDs including Rama9 and Ratchadapisek. The area are surrounding with office building which is large hub of investment. 

Surrounding on “Ratchada-Ladprao” are consisted of Mega project from both domestic and international investors, the potential area called “Center of Opportunity”

Ratchada-Ladprao is a fulfilling lifestyle through the plenty of entertainment and lifestyle with well-known shopping malls and famous hangout area.

Nevertheless the area of Ratchada-Ladprao are surrounding with six main healthcare services from both public and private hospitals.

• The Reason why “Ratchada-Ladprao” becomes hidden prime location for living in Bangkok

And the reason why Ratchada-Ladprao become hidden prime location for living in Bangkok is because it is the location that gathered 2 different routes of mass transit including MRT blue line and Yellow line (new project).

Moreover, it’s connected to well-known transit operation “BTS green line” by one stop station away from MRT blue line. BTS green line is well known route as main direction of Sukhumvit area where consists of Bangkok CBD and entertainment’s hubs towards city life style.

Then MRT blue line and Yellow line (new project) are operated as mass subway transit. For Blue line have been operated surrounding Bangkok area by 38 station and connects to Purple line, main accessibility of Western Bangkok.

And Yellow line is new project of subway operation which consists of 23 stations, stating from Ladprao to Samrong area (Samutprakan province). The operation of yellow route is shown directly transit from Northern Bangkok reaches into Eastern Bangkok.

To sum up, those three lines of mass transit play the main role as serving this area become hidden gem of Bangkok as center of accessibility where connected to blue and yellow lines towards serving 4 interchange stations as well as 4 tollways.

Moreover, not only it facilitates the convenience on transportation with stability of fare as well as effective on time management, according to statement mensioned above.

But also, the emerging of new project yellow line will be the big role that coming to develop the area towards business investment from both domestic and foreigners. Then for next few years, it could take its role as Bangkok’s CBD which extended by its nearest neighborhood as Rama 9 and Ratchada.




THE ORIGIN RATCHADA-LADPRAO: The new location of popular condominium projects “The Origin” developed by Origin Property. The location on the heart of Ratchada-Ladprao where only 25 meters away from MRT – Radchada (Yellow Line) and 450 meters from MRT – Ladprao station (Blue Line).

The more comfortable the more level of privacy with Low-rise 8 floors building in Classic Heritage style which total consists of 208 units, all applied Smart function “Home Automatic”.


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