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Loy Krathong’s Day 2020 – The festival of light on the day of full moon shines


Let’s make a wish and celebrate the popular annual festival “Loy Krathong’s Day”

The well-known festival Loy-Krathong’s Day is back again on 31st October as the full-moon day of 12th month which counted by lunar calendar.

The day of the full-moon shines and surrounding by illuminated baskets called “Ka-Thong” on the river, all make people enjoy celebrating. On the other hand, Ka-thong that makes from banana trunk and decorated by colorful natural stuff with candle represents as the symbol to express how people feel thank to Goddess of water as aiming of this annual festival. Moreover, they will pay for luck to ready start the new year (counted by lunar calendar).

In term of Background, this festival originates from the Hindu ritual which aimed to thank the Goddess of water. Because of the religion background, there is not only found in Thailand but also nearby countries; Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia will celebrate together on this day as well.

For this year, in Bangkok the festival will be held as usual at many famous attractions such as the location of Chao Phraya Riverside and popular lakes at Lumpini Park (Silom), Benjasiri Park (Sukhumvit) and Benjakiti Park (Sukhumvit) (source:, 2020).


Moreover, people can enjoy this festival via many websites e.g.,, By these sources are the online channel to celebrate this festival that we can create and decorate own “Kra-thong” to float it on the web-page.

(source: diyinspirenow, picture: palmmade)


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