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Origin introduces “Origin Multiverse” – worth hundred million baht, aiming to bring subsidiaries to IPO and to create Multiverse of Happiness.

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

“Origin Property” unveils new business plan called “Origin Multiverse” with 3 steps process which are expanding, growing and connecting, aiming to expand a real estate business to 4 new business groups covers logistics – health care – insurance – energy – finance – restaurant, as well as planning to IPO led by Primo Service Solutions, One Origin and Alpha Industrial Solutions. We hope to achieve Multiverse of Happiness, connecting every business to a 100 billion Market Cap by 2025 and to create an ecosystem that enhances the quality of life. In 2022, we have prepared to launch new projects worth more than 42 billion, targets sales at 35 billion, including the launch of mega project, “Origin Thonglor World”,

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Public Company Limited (ORI) said that after more than 12 years of the company establishment, the company has successfully developed and adapted to change in order to meet customer needs. Origin has expanded from a condominium development company to a huge platform owning many new businesses in 2022 and it is planning to launch a new action plan called Origin Multiverse which will lead to a significant change.

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

Origin Multiverse plan consists of 3 main steps. The first step is “Expanding to the new universe”, from developer of the housing projects to other 4 new businesses, as follows;

1.Residential for Sales

2.Recurring Income Business

3.Service Business

4.Mega Trends Business

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

These 4 groups of business consist of a lot of subsidiary companies such as logistics, health care, insurance, energy, finance and restaurant.

2.Growing in the separated timeline

The concept is to let every subsidiary company grow individually and successfully with the management of professional executives to build their own strengths.

There are more subsidiaries that has planned to IPO, led by Primo Service Solution Company Limited, a leader in full-service real estate business, One Origin Company Limited, a business that generates recurring income such as hotels, offices, retail and Alpha Industrial Solution Company Limited, a joint venture with JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited to operate industrial real estate business such as warehouse, logistics, and integrated industrial estates. After Britannia Public Company Limited IPO in late 2021, it is expected that by 2025 Origin and all listed companies’ market capitalization will worth more than 100 billion baht.

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

3.Connecting the ecosystem

To connect all the businesses as an ecosystem to create Multiverse of Happiness for a better quality of life.

“Origin property is originally known for real estate business, however year by year we have been launching new businesses aiming to become Multiverse of Happiness, an ecosystem that suits the lifestyles of all generations.” said Mr. Peerapong.

Mr. Peerapong said that the company will continue to maintain its growth in the real estate industry, meanwhile expanding new businesses. In 2022, the goal is set. All segments are expected to reach an all-time high, starting from launching 31 new projects, with a total project value worth more than 42 billion baht, or 137% higher than the previous year. The projects consist of 12 housing projects with a total project value of 13.4 billion baht and 19 condominium projects with a total project value of 28,600 million baht. New brands have emerged, such as Origin Play and Origin Place. There will be new mega-project in Thonglor area under the name “Origin Thonglor World” with a total project value of more than 15 billion baht. The project will soon be launched. The company has set a sales target of 35 billion baht, targeting a total revenue of 17,500 million baht after an excellent performance in 2021 with a new high, total transfers of joint venture projects of more than 16,157 million baht, with revenues of 15,943 million baht and 43% growth as well as a net profit of 3,194 million baht and over 20% growth from last year. The company is preparing to pay dividends to shareholders for the end of the year 2021 at the rate of 0.42 baht per share.

Ms. Jatuporn Wilaikaew, Chief Executive Officer of Primo Service Solution Company Limited, said that as a company that provides full range of real estate services such as consulting services and real estate agents, juristic person management service, interior decoration, Hotel & Residence management operator as well as moving, cleaning and safety services. Our company continues to expand new service businesses to provide clients with the best services and to continuously increase market share. The company can generate income up to 490 million baht in the previous year which is considered relatively high in this business field. It is expected that Primo Service Solution Company Limited will be the first in the business chains to IPO by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 with a revenue target of 750 million baht.

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

Mr. Pitipong Trainurak, Chief Executive Officer of One Origin Company Limited, said that the company has gradually restructured its internal structure by continuing to focus on the hotel and tourism business, office building for rent, restaurant, retail business as well as housing projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and others provinces. In the next 5 years, all projects under One Origin will be worth more than 49.1 billion baht. The financial advisor is SCB.

Mr. Pathan Somburanasin, Managing Director of Alpha Industrial Solutions Company Limited, said that after launching the company in the 3rd quarter last year, it has been growing rapidly than planned. By the end of 2021, we have more than 155,000 sq.m. of industrial land for lease from about 40,000 sq.m. as originally planned. The first project in Bangna km.22 under the name Alpha Bangna Km.22 is expected to be operational in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, there are many more upcoming projects both by Origin and acquisitions which is aimed to reach the target of management area of more than 1 million sq.m. by 2025. For IPO, the financial advisor is Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited.

“ออริจิ้น” เปิดแผน “Origin Multiverse”

Origin Property Public Company Limited or ORI consists of many businesses, as follows;

1.Residential Development Business, we have developed 98 condominiums and housing projects (as of the end of 2021), such as Park Origin, The Origin, Origin Plug & Play, KnightsBridge, Notting Hill, Kensington, Hampton and BRITANIA, total project value worth over 143,800 million baht

2.Recurring Income Business such as hotels, serviced apartments, retail

3.Service Business such as real estate management, real estate agency, real estate consulting business including new business such as logistics, asset management, energy business, healthcare business, etc. Currently, the company’s market capitalization is approximately 30 billion baht, while Britannia Public Company Limited has a market capitalization at approximately 10,000 million baht.

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