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Origin lines up new ”ready to move in projects” to continuously join “Elite Flexible One Program” which extends for another 2 years from end this year to 2024

“Elite Flexible One” extends for another 2 years attracting foreign direct investment in order to stimulate Thailand’s real estate sector

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC) decides to extend the program period of “Elite Flexible One” for another 2 years from December 31st of 2022 to 2024, due to the program’s attraction to foreign demands who wish to own Thai property in Thailand, while enjoying five-year residency visa and the additional beneficial services*. The project has currently achieved estimate amount of THB 100 million already which stimulate foreign direct investment in the Thai real estate market.

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Ms. Ratchadawan Lertsilathong, Acting President, Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary under the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand, said that the meeting of the TPC’s boards agree to extend the Elite Flexible One Project for another 2 years resulting in its duration to be expired on December 31st of 2024.

Ms. Ratchadawan also added that the TPC hope this extension of the Elite Flexible One Project will stimulate real estate sector through the increase of Thailand’s national income from foreign direct investment. This program will be one of the economic engines from real estate sector, especially in the post-COVID-19 period where Thailand fully opens its border. With the privileges provided by the Elite Flexible One, the TPC hopes that it will attract more foreigners coming to Thailand.

Origin lines up new ready to move in projects to continuously join “Elite Flexible One Program”

List of Origin ready to move in projects, updated in 2022

Please find update list of ready to move in project, total 17 projects under 5 brands  PARK ORIGIN, KnightsBridge, Kensington, The Origin and Brompton to join the program “Elite Flexible One”.


Elite Flexible One is a program under a special cooperation between TPC and various real estate entrepreneurs. Considering its attractiveness to foreign investors, the program has supported Thai real estate market during the challenging period of COVID-19 pandemic. At present, more than 22 real estate entrepreneurs participate in the project which covers up to 78 projects so far. (Please find more details at

For the requirements in applying for the membership of the Elite Flexible One, please find the details as follows:

1. Applicants who purchase condominium with total value of no lesser than THB 10 million will be eligible for the registration of the Thailand Elite card.

2. Applicants who wish to apply for the Elite Flexible One Program is required to provide the proof of their ownership over the real estate in the applicant’s name. The said real estate must has total value of THB 10 million in minimum and must not be mortgaged, sold and/or transferred within a period of 5 years.

3. Applicants who have the rights of owning real estate on a long-term lease basis or “Leasehold” can apply for a membership card in the Elite Flexible One Project under the conditions specified by the TPC.

4. Real estate projects, that have been taken over either by investors or companies of both Thais and foreigners, can join the Elite Flexible One Project under the conditions specified by the TPC.

5. Applicants who purchase real estate since March 1st, 2020 can apply for membership card of the Elite Flexible One Project under the conditions specified by the TPC.

Source: bangkokbiznews Article: Origin Property PLC

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