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ORIGIN partners with GUNKUL to invest in solar energy, following the trend of clean energy

ORIGIN partners with GUNKUL to invest in solar energy, following the trend of clean energy. Aim for Private PPA in the first residential project in Q3/2021

Origin Propert Plc has set its new spectacle for the industry, moving to the next level, by partnership with GUNKUL under join venture company; ” Origin Gunkul Energy”. The JV company plans to launch 3 core businesses in renewable and clean energy in the residential market. This new concept follows the mega trend and increases value-added benefit for customers. The company will invest in the Private PPA fo solar energy in condominium which price will be cheaper than normal rate and will do Parity system in housing projects and lastly will set up the EV charger station. Plan to launch the first project in Q3/ 2021.

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-Ek, CEO of Origin Property Plc or ORI, the leading one-stop service of real estate development in Thailand reveals that the company has determined to explore the new growth under the mission announced earlier this year; “Origin Next Level”.

Recently the company signed the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with Gunkul Engineering Plc or GUNKUL, the leading in total solutions for renewable energy and solar energy, aims to set up the company under “Origin Gunkul Energy Co., Ltd.”, to produce renewable/ clean energy in the residential market especially solar energy in ratio of 50:50. The company is now under registration and will set up the clean energy for project under Origin Property first.

“The future trend, people will turn to use clean and renewable energy more in daily life. But in Thailand’s real estate industry has no one yet started to implement this trend seriously. Hence, we look for the true partner who has strong capability in clean energy and share same vision like Gunkul Engineering in order to be the first developer who aims to thrive in clean energy in residential, increase value added to the assets along with enhancing the living quality to our customers in the long term”, Mr. Peerapong stated.

“Origin Property and Gunkul Engineering will start the solar energy production in 3 main businesses which are:

1) Producing and distributing the solar energy or Private PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) by installing solar rooftop and equipment and maintenance service under contract term to produce electrictiy in common area of condominium project. The elec.ricity rate will be cheaper than normal rate and help reduce the utility cost in each condominium. The company plans to launch this plan in Q3/ 2021/

2) Installation and pairing electricity with solar energy (Parity) business in housing project by setting solar rooftop and linking the network throughout the project to allow the residents to trading the energy (Peer-to-peer energy trading) in cheaper rate than normal and also the excess energy can create the revenue for the project.

3) Installation EV charger station and maintenance service for condominium project which is under planning the operation together.

Dr. Somboon Aueatchasai, CEO of Gunkul Engineering Plc., the leading in the integrated renewable energy and electrical systems business, implementing state of the art technology for sustainable infrastructure development has stated that this partnership with Origin has created the spectacle which connects the real estate industry and the renewable energy industry which does not just helps customers easy access to clean energy but also creates sustainability through innovation and service to enhance the living quality in the residence.

“We have expertise in energy business for more than 40 years and develop energy innovation constantly. We have gained trust from various industries to supervise production and trading electricity for private companies (Private PPA) for more than 70 mega watts. In the meantime, Origin Property is the leading one stop service real estate developer, total project value worth 134 Billion Baht. We foresee this partnership as the vision to create the new business to customers and will expand the opportunity to build energy awareness. Additionally this JV will provide options to choose energy for individual lifestyle under the pattern of Energy x Urban living solution.”, Dr. Somboon mentioned.

Origin Property Plc. or ORI has various business units as follows:

1) Residential Development Business. The company has developed housing and condominiums for 86 projects as of June 2021. Brands under Origin are Park Origin, The Origin, Knightsbridge, Nooting Hill, Kensington and Britania, total project valus over 134, 000 million THB

2) Recurring Income Business such as hotel, serviced apartment and retailing

3) Service Business such as property management, property brokerage service, consultant service and still expand to more services in order to become one stop service for property development and services.”




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