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Thailand is ranked 1st in Asia and 11th World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

The place where you belong, ‘retirement’ is simple way to go.

Life after retirement comes with many plans to fulfil your rest of life and be found pursuit happiness with restful passion. The more time you can spend than ever before becomes your life-long journey, the place where you decide to live – long stay is key to settle your goal.

Global Retirement Index (GRI) is the indicator that ranks the best country for retirement. GRI is examined by multi-dimensional indexes with information, opinions as well as real-life experiences which related to the quality of living, accessibility, cost of living as well as support system i.e. access to health care, government policies, benefits (International Living, 2022) etc. These multi-dimensional indexes will be published annually as yearly guidance, updated in

SOURCE: International living, 2022.

Thailand ranked the 1st in Asia and 11th World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

This year, Thailand climbs to the #1st in Asia and #11th ranking of World’s Best Places for retirement – Annual Global Retirement Index 2022, organized by International Living magazine. Thai openness culture of welcoming expats and the continuous development of Thailand’s capital city build local environment to be friendly both physicality and mentality to group of expats which are main components of their well-being. Several foreigners, therefore, have decided to live a long term stay for their post-retirement life in Thailand, especially in Bangkok.

Thailand Reopening Plan
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Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city is the destination after retirement.

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city is the destination for retired people. It is the city that inspires your restful passion and fulfil your pursuit of happiness with rich cultural wealth. As well as the place that provides you a well quality of living from the accessibility of supplies with affordable prices such as mass transit system, consuming, education and entertainment. Also, Bangkok can serve the retired people support systems i.e. local health care system and the encouragement of immigration policy as per retirement visa.


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