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Urban development in Bangkok has been emphasized in a part of new transit operation planning, seen as many mega projects such as BTS green line extension, many new MRT project; Yellow, Oranges and lines as well as new SRT RED line.

These projects are collaborated between governmental and private sector as public-private partnerships which aimed to expand development though transit routes as network that starting from the heart of city.Meanwhile road is still need for Bangkok’s mainstream development, emerging as “RAMA IV Urban Revitalization” the development framework on RAMA 4 road with the concept of “changing to be sustainability”. As a result of many field projects have been begun along on this road towards the sustainable development, becoming hub of connectivity. 

RAMA4, the parallel line of Sukhumvit Road

In fact, Rama4 Road is one of major roads in Bangkok that is straight running way starting from Hua Lampong to Phra Khanong. Moreover, it probably seems like the parallel line of Sukhumvit Road that is easily connected with each other by the minor roads or alley way along both lines. And by 3 expressways on this line; Srirat, Chalerm Maha Nakorn and At Narong which is easy step for flexible planning to go somewhere in the city. Therefore, this line is the potential spot for being developed where ensuring by both governmental and private sector.

New Upcoming Projects on Rama 4 Road

As mentioned before, development’s planning on RAMA4 road have been risen many future projects such as Kluaynamthai Innovative Industries District (KIID) by Bangkok University, The PARQ and One Bangkok by TCC ASSETS and other future projects by Department of Industry Promotion (On Develop Process).

Development Plan on Rama4 – Phra Khanong’s neighborhood

And to be more focused and explored at the one of hotspots on this RAMA4, emerged in Phra Khanong,  by rising specific zone areas as 3 main pillars including commercial zone, core business zone and Bangkok Modern City (Tourist).

And with concerning in sustainable planning through its elements, are shown not only about the development in infrastructure term but also the implementation of innovative technology as well.

3 ZONES DEVELOPMENT PLAN; commercial zone, core business zone and Bangkok Modern City (Tourist).

Therefore, this would be the next hub for running business activities where extended part from its neighboring CBDs Sathorn and Sukhumvit (i.e. Asok, Thonglor, Ekamai) as well as another side “the city port” Bangkok’s maritime hub.

On the whole, the location of connectivity and the new business center along on this RAMA4 could be the literally one of the best living area in Bangkok. Moreover, the outstanding Phra Khanong and its many future projects are interesting to keep an eye on. And it would be the new prime economic source where gathers many business roles in different fields. So, on the line of RAMA4 will be the next opportunity hub for Bangkok city in next few years for sure!

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