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The Upcoming Mass Transit “Bangkok’s Monorail Grey line”

(Cr. Render Thailand)

Bangkok’s mass transit operation has launched the new project named “the monorail Grey line”. This project will operate from Northern Bangkok “Watcharapol” to Thaphra, Thonburi side which is west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

As per its project plan, it will take total distance of 39.91 KM. under 3 phases operation including; Watcharapol – Thonglor (15 stations), Phra Khanong – Rama III (15 stations) and Rama III – Thaphra (10 stations). Moreover this project will replace the operation of BRT project as shown in third phase (Rama III and Thapra). (Source: Realist, 2016)

And for latest updated from Mr. Sakoltee Phattiyakul, the Deputy Bangkok governor announced that the first phase of Grey line has been currently during the stage of EIA processing and other phases are on researching. On the other hand, as per survey data, the majority of people has accepted the project’s plan towards expanding of city development through transit lines (source: mgronline, 2020).

To conclude, this project will come to improve transit-network towards the connectivity of city which interchanges with BTS Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange line. And it will account of one of facilitated options for living in the trendy and fast pace of Bangkok.



Living in the new Bangkok Life Scape “KnightsBridge Space Sukhumvit-Rama 4” the location of connectivity in prime area of Phra Khanong. The project is linking with 2 lines; Sukhumvit and Rama 4 road and also BTS Dark Green line and Grey line. Either using road connection or mass transit lines, your life will be much easier and more happiness.

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