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Well-being of Living at Ramkhamhaeng

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Among chaotic urban life in Bangkok, wellness dimensions become the main factor of people based for planning their living life. According to National Wellness Institute, the wellness model refers to not only physical term which shown in activities what people do but also, it’s about mental well-being that shows the high level of healthy mind as well. On the other hand, living in the chaotic city like Bangkok may be hard to decide where is the best and able to accommodate us the living life.


As mentioned above it shows the importance of the place where we decide for living, so today we would like to introduce the one of popular Bangkok’s neighborhood “Ramkhamhaeng”

“The huge community” where serves the variety of facility and surrounds with many famous educational institutions and also the huge sport stadium

In term of physical geography of Ramkhamhaeng, it inter-connects with many sub-lines around Bangkok and also it locates as the buffer area between the CBD and Suburb Bangkok (e.g. Min Buri & Saphan Sung),

Then it has led this community area surrounded with the variety of transports such as public bus, public service boat and 2 sky-train stations of Airport Rail Link (Ramkhamhaeng and Hua Mak station).

Moreover, the new upcoming MRT Orange Line stations that planed to launch in the next few years will become a part of the main tackle to reduce traffic congestion on the area.

As mentions before, “Ramkhamhaeng” the huge community where serves the variety of facility and surrounds with many famous educational institutions and also the huge sport stadium. So, let’s know more about this community area!

Ramkhamhaeng, the community where serves All-life Styles!

Ramkhamhaeng is surrounded with many affordable accessory retails and grocery stores for instance,

  • Taladnut Nar Ram, the retails in front of Ramkhamhaeng University where providing not only the variety of food but also many fashionable items as well.
  • Kor-Kor-Tor Night Market, it locates within Rajamangala National Stadium. And it’s gathered the interesting items and serving the diversity of foods in affordable price. Also, it’s opened every evening.
Taladnut Nar Ram cr. Travelgojo
Kor-Kor-Tor Night Market
Kor-Kor-Tor Night Market

Moreover, there are popular chain department “Huamark Towncenter – Big C” and upcoming shopping mall “The Mall Ramkhamhaeng” – the innovative project which located in the area as well.

Huamark Towncenter – Big C Cr. Foursquare

Huamark Towncenter – Big C Cr. Foursquare
The Mall Ramkhamhaeng Cr. LINEToday

Medical & Educational Hub on The Area “Ramkhamhaeng”

In term of health and education both are main element of wellness life. And also it is main influence for deciding where become the living place. And for the Ramkhamhaeng area, it surrounds with the well-known University such as Ramkhamhaeng University and ABAC University (Private Section). Moreover, it also provides the 24 hours health care service “Ramkhamhaeng Hospital” as well

Ramkhamhaeng University
Ramkhamhaeng Hospital

The Largest Scale “Rajamangala” National Stadium

Rajamangala Stadium has been not only used for sport competition, but also it is used for many entertainment events as well, such as concert and festival event.

Rajamangala National Stadium

To sum up, Ramkhamhaeng is the interesting one of Bangkok’s neighborhood where could be defined the area able to facilitate life toward the well-being of living in every dimension; transportations (e.g. public bus, boat, ARL and MRT) and facilities (e.g. shops and retails, universities, hospital etc.)



Knightsbridge Collage Ramkhamhaeng

Luxury of living on Ramkhamhaeng area with Collage Art Condominium

  • Only 100 meters from MRT- Hua Mak station
  • 600 meters from MRT – Lam Sali Interchange station
  • 350 meters from Ramkhamhaeng hospital
  • 1.5 km from Samitivej Virtual Hospital
  • 2 km from Rajamangala National Stadium

Experiencing through Your Eyes with full facilities at Knightsbridge Collage Ramkhamhaeng

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