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“Upcoming Orange line” Emerging the new East-West accessibility

Since well-known green line has been operated, there were other transit-projects that upcoming launched for next few years. And what’s coming from those projects will be not only the new transit route, but also show that the opportunity on expanding of infrastructures and various forms of development through its line of routes.

However, those most projects are actually planned for expanding into Bangkok’s suburbs which aims to utilize how interconnect of its lines towards spread in growth and development based the urbanization.

For instance, YELLOW LINE project is the new transit line of Ladprao – Samrong (Samutprakan) which mainly plans for extending route in eastern Bangkok

And another one, SRT RED LINE is transit-line that operated on Bangkok’s suburbs “Bangsue” to its nearby provinces (; Nonthaburi and Phatumtani)

SRT RED LINE planned to first operate on October, 2020 (Photo: Bangkok Post)

“Orange line” Mega Project of East-West Accessibility

Nevertheless, there is still the other project “Orange line” that operated on line between the east and west of Bangkok as well as running though Bangkok urban area. Therefore, it serves Bangkok area being more connected. Moreover, since green line have been operated along Sukhumvit Road. as its main route and extended to another lines, Orange line becomes the second mass transit that have its stations running through heart of Bangkok City area as well.

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MRT Orange Line Phase I will start from Thailand Cultural Centre to Min Buri which interchanged with 3 transit line; MRT BLUE line, MRT Yellow line and MRT Pink line.
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As mentioned above, this Orange Line Project is the one of large scale of transit operation based heavy rail system which consists of 23 subway stations (underground transit system) and 7 sky-train stations (elevated transit system) by providing 12 stops for interchanging with other transit routes such as BTS Green line, MRT Blue line and the future operation; SRT Red line, MRT Pink line and MRT Yellow line.

Therefore, they decided to provide as 2 main phases of construction which the first trail-running will consist of 10 Subway stations and 7 Sky-train station by starting from Thailand Cultural Centre to Min Buri area. Moreover, for the first phase – east section is mostly completed as 60.60% of its overall construction and it was expected to operate in 2023.

MRT Orange Line (Phase I) Construction Progress Updated as of the end of April 2020 (cr. )
MRT Orange Line Phase I expected to launch by 2023 with 10 Subway stations and 7 Sky-train stions (Route: Thailand Cultural Centre to Min Buri)

Keep an eye on the new “Ramkhamhaeng”

On the other hand, Orange Line will serve the better life towards way of living in various terms especially time management and cost reduction.

For instance, in Ramkhamhaeng area has known as Bangkok neighborhood where is the buffer area of city and suburb area. Therefore by beneficial effect of city expansion, it makes this area fulfilled by many entertainment hub as well as surrounding with healthcare centers while remaining the residential neighborhood.

On another side, source of well-being will serve the negative effect as well that comes to occur against how people get better life, showing as traffic congestion problem on the area.


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Even so over the next few years, Ramkhamhaeng will be shifted by the upcoming Orange line that will provide 5 its stations to operate on this area, including Ramkhamhaeng12, Ramkhamhaeng, Rajamangala, Hua Mak and Lam Sili (Interchanged with Yellow line).

Therefore by this transit operation of 5 Orange line stations will be the main role to solve traffic problem that has been occurred for a long time on this neighborhood. Moreover, it will become new landmark as accessibility hub where inter-connects with 2 main Blue and Yellow line – MRT transit operation as well as ARL Ramkhamhaeng and Huamak station!

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To sum up, the upcoming Orange line is one of Bangkok mega transit operation project that will play the huge role to shift the city towards better way of people’s life. Especially it will get rid of city’s root issue, the traffic congestion in residential neighborhood where provide well-being source, instance of Ramkhamhaeng ‘s case which will shift to become the one of Bangkok’s potential area.

Knightsbridge Collage Ramkhamhaeng

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